On behalf of Thrive Church, I want to welcome you our Sports Ministry page! This ministry began as an idea from the Lord about how to join the spirit of small groups with the love of sports. The mission of this ministry is to help create and provide more opportunities for fellowship within the church, opportunities to outreach for the underprivileged, and mentoring in the community.  This place of fellowship can come either by playing on a team or by family and friends cheering from the stands. This ministry is designed to give everyone a chance to express themselves by utilizing various passions and talents from God in the areas of Sports. Through this, it is our desire to promote an environment of care, encouragement, discipleship, evangelism, and character building. Furthermore this can be used to be connected more with other churches involved in the community. We encourage you to come out and experience the Lord in a new way that will ultimately lead you personally to  grow in your faith and passion.

Robert Muckey

Softball League